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Nanjing Wanjing Garden Chapel | AZL Architects

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You don’t have to go far on my blog to see that I have a fondness for greenery — so it may come as no surprise that I have yet another green based post for you beautiful people on this dull spring afternoon.

The trend for indoor plants continues to grows.

Air-quality benefits…

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"The words you speak become the house you live in."
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Experiments in Motion

Experiments in Motion is a research initiative conducted by the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP), in collaboration with Audi of America and LowLine. The aim of the initiative is to explore new forms of urban motion and new spaces for mobility, with special emphasis on New York City.

Students from the program have spent the summer researching all transportation systems in New York City, exposing the potential of underground spaces. Three studios have researched different aspects of movement in contemporary cities: Paradigms in Motion, Design in Motion and Participation in Motion. A fifty foot floating model of Manhattan made from aluminium displays Manhattan’s road infrastructure, while the plexiglass below presents a never before seen view of the architectural volumes of every subway station on the island. A network of subways, tunnels, bike lanes and bridges are presented as flows of movement, revealing a new reality of the city life – it exposes the city as an interconnected system for mobility.

The exhibition marking the end of the first year of Experiments in Motion will feature nine different projects that explore ideas about the future of New York transportation. It will be open to the public at the Essex Street Warehouse in New York City September 15-27.”

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Josh Riek | "Untitled" A Song About Chaos, 2014


Josh Riek"Untitled" A Song About Chaos, 2014

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